Hit and Run and the Guilty Conscience

Peter Aiken
Criminal Defense Attorney

That is a bad combination. Confession may be good for the soul but in this world, it will only land you in State prison for many years.

If you are involved in a hit and run fatality, you face serious consequences.

If you are determined to come forward, you really should seek legal counsel before doing so. You cannot bring back a life. The accident may not have been your fault. Many times hit and run fatalities involve pedestrians walking at night. Many times the pedestrians are drunk and stumble into the road or do something that is their own fault. In most hit and run situations, the driver panics and flees. This is often because the driver is driving on a suspended license or worse yet impaired by alcohol. A DUI fatality can result in a lengthy prison sentence and often the driver, in his or her impaired state, simply drives away.

You may deeply regret being involved in the accident.

You cannot turn back the clock and take back a bad decision.

Maybe you should not have been driving.

Maybe you should never have gotten in the car intoxicated.

All of that is now in the past. You can only change the future. Going to the police and confessing at this point will only get you charged.
The crime is not having the accident.
The crime is leaving the scene.

As a criminal defense lawyer, my job is to help you through these troubled times. The police may well be looking for the driver of the vehicle. The vehicle may have been damaged. Do not discuss what happened with anyone other than an experienced criminal defense attorney. What you say to a lawyer is “privileged” and you can get advice confidentially. What you say to friend or relative is not and you may make them a witness against you. Do not file a false police report. Do not report the car stolen. This will only make the situation worse. If you were involved in a hit and run and you are feeling guilty about it, you can call for a free confidential consultation in Ft. Myers at 239 334 8890, Charlotte and Desoto 941 366 3506 or if you are in Sarasota you can call 941 366 3506. Do not talk to the police without first talking to a lawyer



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State troopers responded to over 23,000 of the roughly 92,000 hit-and-run crashes reported last year in 2015

Ft Myers 239-334-8890 Charlotte 941-639-6009 Sarasota 941-366-3506
Ft Myers 239-334-8890
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Hit and Run? Do not Report Your Car Stolen
Chances are, if you are reading this, you may have panicked and left the scene of an accident. In Florida, every day there are hit and run accidents. Some of the accidents involve bumping someone’s unattended car either in a parking lot or on the road. Some involve actual collisions where a person flees the scene in the vehicle because of the lack of a driver’s license, the lack of green card or possibly being impaired from alcohol or drugs. Some of the accidents involve serious bodily injury or death. This is particularly true when the vehicle strikes a pedestrian or a bicycle. There are many reasons a driver may leave the scene. Panic is the number one reason. You can never roll back the clock and in the case of death or bodily injury, feeling guilty or making a confession will accomplish nothing. Falsely reporting the car stolen is a huge mistake. Committing a new crime (a false police report) only makes things much worse. Florida has minimum mandatory prison sentences in cases involving death and a confession will only land you in State prison. The accident may not have been your fault, for example in the case of a pedestrian crossing the road at night, but leaving the scene is still a crime.
What do I do if I took off?
Take a deep breath and calm down. You cannot change the past, not even a second of it. If you left the car at the scene, you can expect that the police will contact the registered owner almost immediately. The police need to establish that a particular person was behind the wheel. Basically, they need a “wheel witness”, someone who can prove who was driving at the time of the accident. If you are a parent and your child was involved in a crash, the police may show up at your house because the car is registered in your name. A spouse or a friend may have been driving the vehicle and fled the scene. You may have been drunk or impaired when the accident occurred. What you do next can make the difference between a conviction and prison and not being arrested or prosecuted. Never make a statement or file a report in a hit and run situation without talking to a lawyer. Your statement or comment may provide the missing link in a successful prosecution. Keep your mouth shut and “lawyer up” immediately. If someone was fatally injured, and you were impaired or fled the scene going to prison will not bring that life back. Guilt is a horrible feeling but going to prison will change only your life.
Here are some helpful tips: Do not try and get someone to lie for you. Do not report the car stolen. Do not speak to the police without talking to an attorney. Do not file a phony accident report. Do not lie to the police….You have the right to remain silent.

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Ft Myers 239-334-8890
Charlotte 941-639-6009
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